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On Saturday, June 15 from 6:00 to midnight, Knotty Normal Studios presents its inaugural Kink Vendor Fair and BDSM Play Party. Vendors include Breathe Toys, Torrid Timber, House of Wolfram, Shanky Panky, Versatile Corsets, Mobius Leatherworks, Knotty Photos and more.

Located at 420 SW Washington St. in Portland, Knotty Normal Studios is the home of Knotty Photos. It’s a photo studio and BDSM/kink community space featuring a large play area and an abundance of high-end dungeon furniture.

Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Each attendee will be given a $10 voucher that can be used towards a purchase from the vendor of their choice during the event. Advanced tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite.

Non-alcoholic beverages and light snacks will be provided. This is an alcohol-free venue, but Kelly’s Olympian is right downstairs.

The event takes place on the 2nd floor. While the venue is not ADA complaint, there is an elevator and we will do our best to accommodate those who need assistance. For additional questions, email


Dungeon Monitors (DMs) will be present to enforce rules, monitor risk-aware play, answer questions and help ensure safety. A DM can help facilitate scene logistics; when in doubt, ask! They may stop play if necessary. All decisions by the  Head DM on duty are final. There is no appeal process.

  • The house safewords are “Red” or “Safeword.” A visual safeword is required for play that impairs speech.
  • Clean all equipment before and after use with disinfectant. Cleaning supplies are available at stations throughout
    the dungeon or you may bring your own. Covering equipment with your own chux/puppy pad, sheet, or towel is
    required for play involving bodily fluids. Pads can be purchased at check-in.
  • We strongly recommend, but do not require, bodily fluid barriers and safer sex practices.
  • Play stations are first-come-first-served and do not have time limits. However, if someone is waiting for
    the play station, please do not start a new scene (even if one participant is new).
  • Do not intrude into a play space or scene/play unless specifically invited. Watching scenes from a respectful
    distance is allowed, but please keep conversation and laughter to a minimum. Do not talk or ask questions to
    players until they are leaving the play space or if invited by the players. Masturbating to other people’s
    scene/play without their advanced consent is not allowed. Please keep walkways clear.
  • Intoxicated play is prohibited.
  • Cell phones may only be used in the vendor area, the lounge adjacent to the vendor area or the outside hallway and must be kept in silent mode and out of sight in the play areas.
  • Play at your own risk.


  • No guns or weapons.
  • No fire play, fireworks or open flames of any kind.
  • No scat, vomit, or urine (water sports) play.
  • No chemical play that could affect other players (mace aerosol spray, etc.).
  • No glitter, helium balloons, paint or other messy art supplies.
  • No waterboarding or scenes involving uncontained water.
  • Wax and blood play are prohibited from THIS event, but will likely be permitted at future events. 


In general, do be nice to people and don’t be an asshole. Respect the very first “no” and don’t ask again. Don’t be racist or a bigot. Don’t shame people. Don’t stalk people. Don’t threaten people. Don’t be gross. Don’t take photos of people without their permission and limit cell phone usage to the hallways.

Every BDSM/fetish photographer needs a rope guy. This is our primary rigger. You may call him Sir G. Sir G is an experienced Dom and rigger as well as a great teacher. If you’re new to the wonderful world of Shibari he’ll break you in gently and keep you safe. If you aren’t new, you’ll appreciate his commitment to safety as well as the craft. The fun thing about him is he’s got a rather dashing and, at times, rather sinister look, which is why he often winds up in a lot of the photos we shoot (of course, he doesn’t have to). You can find his work on Fetlife or check out his Instagram page here.

Phone: 503 699 7990

Portland, OR
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