What’s not to love about this?

I spend a lot of time scrolling through kink/fetish photographs online (you know, for work). I tend to scroll pretty quickly until something really great catches my eye. Nothing has ever brought my flicking finger to a quicker halt than the first time I saw a Swedish Collar fixed around the neck of a latex-clad lass.

Swedish Collars are big. They are bold. They are heavy and they are GORGEOUS. Calling it a collar does it a disservice. “Functional sculpture” seems more appropriate or “jewelry” if you are pressed for time (though, at least to me, “jewelry” is something that feels like you know you have to buy a significant other even if you might not find it interesting). The Swedish Collar makes me want to find a very special someone just so I can put her in one of these. All. The. Time.

Collars are made of stainless steel, surgical steel or aluminum. They are opened with a magnetic key. And when you take one off someone who has been wearing it for a while it holds their body heat for a little while. I don’t know why this was so intensely satisfying but it was.

They are not adjustable, so getting the right size is vital. There is a video on sizing that you really need to watch if you buy one. A little too tight or a little too loose and it just won’t hang right or be comfortable. But when you get it right it’s sublime. In addition to collars, they also make wrist and ankle cuffs that are every bit as magnificent.

The craftsmanship in all the products is unparalleled. When you hold one of these collars in your hand (and take into account where they are made and how much they probably cost to manufacture) you will understand why they cost what they cost. Is it worth it? If you have the money and appreciate luxury items and appreciate the best, absolutely.

Disclosure: I have not received compensation from Swedish Collar. I was given LOANER collars to use for a week and they were returned.